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Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe


Creamy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

You don’t have to give up eating tasty food to eat healthy!! Just make a few adjustments! Try this great tasting CHOCOLATE MOUSSE recipe!! This stuff is AWESOME!! I have taken this recipe to Sunday School get-togethers and family gatherings with GREAT success!! No one suspected it was a healthier recipe unless I told them and everyone wanted the recipe! Great for dipping fresh fruits like strawberries and grapes into or can eve be used as a frosting!!

2 small ripe avocados
3/4 cup honey, maple or raw agave syrup
1/4 raw cacao* powder
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon vanilla
dash cinnamon (optional)

Place all ingredients in a Vita-Mix or other high-powered blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. You will need to use a tamper or scrape sides to keep it moving.

*Cacao is RAW cocoa and can be found at most natural food grocers. May substitute carob powder in place of cacao powder.

Store in air-tight container in the fridge- that is if it lasts long enough to make it to the ‘fridge!!

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CANCER – is there a better way??


CANCER - is there a better way??

I wanted to share a post on cancer I posted on FaceBook recently. So many of us have been devastated by this disease, either ourselves or we have watched friends and/or loved ones go through it. Both my husband, Louis, and I know all too well how devastating cancer can be as we have seen it numerous times on both sides of our family, even taking family members away from their loved ones at the young age of 35, leaving precious small children behind. We hope to do everything possible to keep our own family from having to suffer through such horrible times. You can too!

Cancer. A word that brings fear to everyone these days. Statistics show that 1 in 3 will now get cancer in the rates are climbing despite all the billions of dollars spent on research and treatments. I just bought a book I hope to read soon called “Cancer is not a disease; It’s a survival Mechanism” by Andreas Moritz. Some comments from the back cover state- “…cancer is the physical symptom that reflects our bodies final attempt to deal with life-threatening cell congestion and toxins.” “On the average, today’s conventional “treatments” of killing, cutting out, or burning cancerous cells offer patients a remission rate of a mere 7% and the majority of these survivors are “cured” for just 5 years or less….Any published success figures in cancer survival statistics are offset by equal or better scores among those receiving NO TREATMENT AT ALL. More people are killed by cancer treatments than are saved by them.”

Let me share something with you that made me angry when I first learned it. Did you know that a man named Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Prize for discovering the cause and CURE for cancer in 1931 and in a speech claimed that “nobody could say that we do not know the prime cause of cancer”. We have known what causes cancer cells to thrive and grow for 81 years!! And the sad part is- the solution is so simple!

There are better alternatives. To prove this point, I submit the following excerpts from testimonies regarding the healing of cancer:

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in February, 2009. My wife, Cindy, and I decided not to follow any of the medical treatments. We started doing research on alternative methods of treatment. We had been introduced to the recovery diet several years ago and decided to use this diet as the treatment for my colon cancer. I have now been on the diet for 18 months. Within the first few weeks the symptoms stopped but over the next several months there were occasional reminders that the cancer was still there. About a year after I began the diet all symptoms had stopped completely. In addition, during that first year on the diet I stopped having problems with my heart. I have waited until now to say much of anything because I wanted to make sure that the cancer was truly over before I started telling very many people about my healing. Though I did not accept any medical modalities for my cancer I did go back to the doctor to have blood work to check the cancer markers. When the cancer markers started dropping I started being more confident in being able to tell people that the diet was working. It is to God that we give the glory. He has given us a body that, if we treat it the way He tells us to, will heal itself just as God designed it to do. After seeing the changes the diet had brought about in my life, Cindy and I both took our training to become Health Ministers in March 2010. We want to be able to tell as many as we can about the fantastic healing that can come about if we will just treat our bodies as God intended them to be treated.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, I had a lump removed, which proved to be malignant. By God’s grace, after the surgical removal of the lump and before I submitted to chemo and radiation, a friend of mine gave me a tape of yours. After listening to the tape, I refused chemotherapy and radiation and adopted the diet and Lifestyle. It has now been eight years since the cancer diagnosis and the refusal of further medical treatments, and each year I go to see my oncologist for a checkup, and each year the check up reveals no recurrence of cancer.

In October 2006 I was diagnosed with stage III, metastasized breast cancer. Within three days of diagnoses, the doctors had surgically removed my left breast, given me a chemo port, and scheduled me for a year of chemotherapy treatments. After experiencing my first chemo treatment, I felt the Lord was telling me to stop all further treatments. After receiving that first chemo treatment, I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I did notify my doctors that I wanted the port removed and that I was canceling all further treatments. Within a matter of days, a friend at church had given me Dr. Lorraine Day’s tapes telling of her own experience with breast cancer. Her tapes referred me to this diet and lifestyle.In October 2008, just two years after refusing chemotherapy treatments and adopting the Hallelujah Diet, I went to see an oncologist who insisted I have an MRI, a CAT scan, and a bone scan. All three failed to show any cancer. In fact, the only health problems I have had in the past years are the result of the mastectomy surgery in 2006 during which the doctor had accidentally cut a nerve. Here is a sad note: A very close friend of mine developed cancer just a few months before me in 2006. When I learned about the diet I shared with her what I had learned. And here is the sad part- she continued to do what her doctors wanted her to do. Soon she could no longer eat due to radiation damage. Then the doctors fed her protein drinks loaded with dairy and sugar. I tried to tell her how dangerous those protein drinks were for her but she just continued to believe what her doctors were telling her. She died in March 2007 at the age of 40. Because I don’t want others to suffer and die unnecessarily like my friend, I am coming to Health Minister training to learn how to effectively communicate to others the importance of changing their diet and lifestyle. I close by saying that if it hadn’t been for my personal relationship with Jesus Christ I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Because it was He who led me in my search for health answers after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. And it was He who impressed upon me to stop chemo treatments, because at the time I had no intention of doing anything other than what the doctors recommended, which was a year of chemotherapy treatments. I feel so blessed to be able to attend Health Minister training, because I believe it is the Lord who is leading me into this ministry, and I am so excited to be coming for training.

In January 2004 my husband Tim was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer and the oncologist wanted to immediately start him on mega doses of chemotherapy and then do a bone marrow transplant. Tim told the oncologist that he would have to think about it before giving permission to use those medical treatments. I immediately started doing all kinds of research online for alternative treatments. Almost everywhere I searched led me to this diet and lifestyle. We both immediately started the diet. In the meantime, Tim went to a Cancer Treatment Center of America and also to Mayo Clinic for second opinions. Of course both told us that a diet change could have no effect on the healing of cancer. Then we went to Tijuana, Mexico and to the Oasis of Hope Hospital as well as the Gerson Clinic and the Hoxey Clinic. They all found that Tim was doing so well on the diet that they told us to just keep doing what we were doing. We kept reading and learning more and more about eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle, while Tim kept having his blood work checked on a regular basis. In January 2010, it will have been six years since Tim refused the doctor route for his cancer, and through a simple diet and lifestyle change, with no help from the medical community, he is cancer free. Praise the Lord!!!
When Tim made that diet and lifestyle change in January 2004, I made the diet change with him so that I could better encourage and support him. As a result of my adopting the diet and making some lifestyle change, I am off three different prescriptions for high blood pressure, as well as prescriptions for arthritis, high cholesterol and thyroid. As a result of making that diet change and without any further doctoring, I am off all medications and have lost 30 pounds. By the way, prior to Tim’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma, he had for 45 years owned and operated a meat processing plant in Battle Creek, Michigan. Needless to say, Tim is no longer in the meat processing business and realizes that the meats he was processing cause cancer. We know the diet works. I have met many people besides Tim and myself who have seen marvelous improvements in their health after they began eating the way God intended. The bible tells us that to know to do right and to do it not is sin. And so it is not only because of the wonderful healings both Tim and I have experienced, we are convicted to stay completely on the diet. We now live in Gulf Shores, Alabama and there is such a need for someone to help spread the message that You Don’t have to be sick. I feel God speaking to me to become a Health Minister so that I can help the many people who question me about the diet. I already have a family that has started the diet and seen great improvements in their health, while they are working on getting their son off the drugs the doctor’s have him on for hyper-activity. I would have to say that the greatest thing God has done for me, after salvation of course, is when He brought information to us concerning a diet change that God used to heal Tim of cancer. Also, I have an 18-month-old granddaughter and her mother is feeding her the diet. Hallelujah!!!

In 2002 I was diagnosed with COPD which is a progressive lung disease usually brought on from years of smoking. Doctors told me that there was nothing I could do to stop it and that I would just have to live with it, knowing it would get worse with time. In 2003 I suffered a heart attack, the doctors saved my life, and sent me home. Two weeks later I had another heart attack, and after two weeks in the hospital was sent home. I wasn’t told to change my diet or my lifestyle, and so I continued eating my bologna and white bread sandwiches, drinking my sugar sweetened tea and making my daily trips to McDonalds for breakfast. My wife Becky had been interested in nutrition for years and would often tell me I needed to change my diet and way of living, but I would just make a joke out of what she said and respond I would continue to eat the way I wanted until God wanted me home. Later that same year I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I did what the doctor said and had radiation and implant seeding, but didn’t change my diet or lifestyle. In the meantime my lungs were getting worse. I could hardly breathe and this caused me to sometimes go into a panic. I couldn’t work hard or walk fast without losing my breath, and if I got stressed I would cough uncontrollably. In 2008 my prostate cancer returned, only this time more aggressively. My doctor told me I didn’t have many options because my prostate had been destroyed by radiation five years prior, and he gave me less than an 80% chance of living two years. He wanted to do a procedure called cryotheropy which freezes the area but gave no guarantee the cancer wouldn’t return or that it would allow me to live any longer. I did not like the odds and poor quality of life that follow the treatments. We came home and began to pray and seek guidance as to what to do. We also began to read some of the many books Becky had on health. As I learned more and more about diet and this magnificent body God had given me and how we were not designed to be sick, it all started to make so much sense. After reading the book several more times I was ready to do the diet. I didn’t want to be sick. I didn’t want to die of cancer. So many others had cured themselves of cancer through nutrition and I knew that I could be cured too. So I canceled my procedure and decided to change my diet and lifestyle. After a few months into our new way of life we spent a week at the lifestyle center in Kentucky. This was an incredible experience and had a profound effect on our lives.

In September 2008 I was told I had colon cancer after a colonoscopy at age 52. A tumor was found in the anal canal. After telling me the tumor was Stage-2 malignant squamous cell carcinoma, the doctor told me the treatment would be chemotherapy and radiation; along with surgery, requiring a complete and irreversible colostomy.
A red flag went up in my brain and I said, ‘No thanks’ to any medical treatments! The next thing that came to mind was, ‘I guess it’s time to get on the diet!’ I had heard about the diet years earlier while watching a Christian television program. I was intrigued by what I heard I watched it and shared it with others who had health issues. Then came the colon cancer diagnosis and I believed God was telling me, ‘Stop telling other people to change their diet – you need to change your diet!’ That night we went to dinner with friends who also had major health issues and we toasted to our diseases as I ate my last SAD (Standard American Diet) meal. The next morning I begin my journey to better health. It was like God turned a page in my life to a brand new chapter. One month into the diet I spoke to a Health Minister. After the conversation I convinced my husband we needed to attend a class so I could fully implement this lifestyle without getting frustrated at my lack of knowledge in preparing healthy food. that week changed my life! And my husband who was playing the good sport by going with me came away with so much information that he agreed to also make the diet change. We loved the hands on food preparation and I discovered a whole new way to prepare food. I also learned about alternative ingredients to use to convert favorite recipes, how to read labels better, how to menu plan and grocery shop. We exercised daily, read the Bible & prayed, prepared food and educated ourselves about our self-healing bodies. After returning home I heard from my second opinion doctors that the ‘standard treatment’ is chemo and radiation. Then I was given a list of side-effects from both treatments – like burning skin inside & out, pain that would require pain medications, secondary cancers like leukemia, hip bones that would no longer produce red blood cells, and the list went on. Talk about discouraging news! I told the doctors about my plans to treat my cancer with diet change and nutrition, and they just stared back at me. Finally one of the doctors said, ‘Why don’t you want treatment?’ I answered, ‘Because I don’t want poison injected into me or to have my insides burned with radiation. My husband was nervous after those visits, so we went home and watched the video titled ‘Healing Cancer from the Inside Out.’ That video convinced me that I needed to stay the diet route with my colon cancer. Regular check-ups to a Nutritional oriented Medical doctor continued to show my cancer was gone and I feel great! I want to become a trained Health Minister because the Lord has restored my health and I want to be able to share my journey and all the information I have learned on my journey back to health with others. Following is a summary of some of the benefits received since adopting the diet and lifestyle: I have lost 40 pounds- went from a size 14 to a 10 – as I watched the fat just melt away. I feel so good! Have more energy than I have had in years, and I finally, actually enjoy exercising. I even like walking uphill. Before the diet and lifestyle change I used to huff & puff, but now enjoy the challenge. I am now within a few pounds of the weight I was 31 years ago. My husband can’t believe the transformation my body has gone through. My blood work is phenomenal. I had a physical back in June 2008 and had a cholesterol level of 225. It is now down to 148, for a 77 point drop. All my other numbers are excellent. My blood pressure is also down. Before the diet change my knees were getting stiff, especially walking upstairs. They are much better now. I no longer have body odor, and acid reflux is gone after suffering with if for over 10 years. My energy level has greatly increased, and I no longer have that dragging spell in the middle of the day. And the list goes on . I love feeling so good! I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good ever again! I thought that we should just expect those aches and pains and extra pounds as we got older. Don’t be deceived my friend! Good health is our birth right as God’s children! But we have to do our part. Make the diet change and enjoy the journey. You will be glad you did! I know I sure am. It has now been eight months since we adopted the diet and I have not looked back, nor do I feel deprived because I gave up all the junk food I had previously enjoyed. I have had my PSA tested several times and there is no longer any sign of cancer. My blood sugar has gone from over 300 to under 100. My COPD is about 80% gone and all my arthritic pain is gone. And as a bonus, I have lost over 75 pounds! I feel better than I have felt in a long time and I am closer to the Lord than ever. I am also looking forward to living a very long time with a body fit for the ‘Masters Use’ so that I can do the Lord’s work. If I can do this, anyone can, and I give all the credit for my recovery to God our Creator and His diet.

I have just come from a very successful visit with my mother’s doctor and can’t hold back my excitement. I must tell you her story: On February 10th of this year (2007), my mother called me, needing to go to the emergency room after being sick and vomiting for 4-days. I rushed her to the emergency room only to learn she had a huge growth in her abdomen. A cancer specialist and surgeon were brought in on her case, and her oncologist told me they had found the largest tumor they had ever seen. He suggested a biopsy, which was done. The biopsy caused the tumor to grow rapidly, adding another 50 pounds of weight in just one week. When the results from the pathology lab came back we learned mom had a large B-cell lymphoma cancer and it was growing rapidly. At this point mom was struggling to breathe because the growth, now awakened by the biopsy, was growing rapidly and pressing against her lungs. She was not able to eat or drink anything. Our family discussed our options and decided that chemo was our only choice. Just one round of chemo was very devastating to our very sick mother. Because of mother’s severe reaction to the chemotherapy, the doctor said there would be no more treatments because he didn’t think mother could survive them. A few days later the doctor came to mom’s room and told us that he was not sure she would live through the night. However, she remained in the hospital several weeks trying to get enough strength back to return home to die, for we were told that there was nothing more the doctors could do.
When we finally took mom home, I immediately placed her on the diet, knowing it could save her life if the tumor had not progressed too far, robbing us of the time needed for the diet to work. The first 2-weeks we saw no change in mom’s condition, and then her doctor gave me a lecture regarding treating mom with nutrition. He was quite firm with me and very discouraging. He closed the conversation by saying: ‘Proper nutrition can’t cure anything – not even a headache! Don’t you think we doctors would have figured that out a long ago if nutrition worked?’ The doctor’s words did not discourage me; because I felt so sure in my heart that your program would work, that I continued it, but with very little encouragement. By the third week, I began to see things that I thought were signs of improvement. By the end of the 4th week I was pointing out to mom all the positive improvements in an effort to encourage her that she was indeed getting better. This is now the 5th week, and mom (who lives with my wife and me) is going around the house doing household chores each day. Today we took mom to her doctor, and watched him stammer and stumble all over himself trying to explain her very miraculous come-back. He is now a believer, and admitted that he was going to have to re-think his stand on nutrition and turned to me and said: ‘Don’t change a thing you are doing – keep it up!’ He then asked for the website and said he was definitely going to check into the program, for he couldn’t deny what he was seeing. He wants us to bring mom back in 6-weeks so he can put her through a battery of tests to see if the cancer is either gone or gotten smaller. I don’t need the tests, although we will do them. I am already seeing the mom I have always known return to life. I’m thankful for your educational information and faithful work.

And these are just a few of the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of testimonies available on healing from cancer, and there are just as many for other “incurable” diseases like arthritis, MS, leukemia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on and on. We will be sharing more encouraging testimonies here on our blog and on our website at , along with information, research, awesome food, and lots of fun! And, even better than learning how to reverse these devastating diseases- learn to eat and live a lifestyle to prevent ever getting them in the first place!! 🙂 Come and join us!

Is God throwing you a LIFE PRESERVER??


Is God throwing you a LIFE PRESERVER??

I’d like to share a story with you. There was a man struggling to survive a terrible flood. He crawled up on his roof and pleaded with God to save him. Soon, a helicopter came by and offered to lift him away. He said “No, I believe in God and He is going to rescue me!” And they flew away. After that, a boat came by and offered to let him climb aboard. Again, he said, “No, I believe in God and he will answer my prayers and rescue me.” So, the boat paddled away. Then, some firemen from a near-by roof top tried to toss him a rope to pull him to safety. Once again, he shouted back to them, “Thanks anyway, but, I have prayed to God and believe he will rescue me!” So, the fireman went on to the next house. The flood waters continued to rise and the man was swept away. When he entered the pearly gates, he asked Peter why God hadn’t answered his prayers and rescued him Peter replied, “What are you talking about- he sent a helicopter, a boat and a rescue team!!”

While this story is on the humorous side- there is a lot of truth in it as well!! Some times God sends an answer to prayer, but it is not the way we wanted him to answer and we ignore it or don’t even see it. Even though God can step in and perform miracles, sometimes he asks us to take part in the rescue! Not too long ago, a lady came forward in our church and was crying and asking for prayers for physical problems she was dealing with. I prayed about it and felt God leading me to meet with her and share the message of health and healing available through proper diet and lifestyle. So, she agreed to meet with me and I shared God’s directives for our health with her and she seemed receptive. She told me she had prayed and asked God why this was happening to her and asked for healing. But, she decided not to follow through and to my knowledge, her physical problems have continued to worsen. Most people pray to God and ask for healing, expecting him to swoop down and instantly heal their afflictions. Many of the testimonies I read, tell of people sharing how their prayers regarding their health were answered by someone sharing the message of health and healing through proper diet and lifestyle and how thankful they are. Some tell of an inexplicable urge to go into a book store for no apparent reason, only to find a book that lead them learn more about healing through God’s directives as found in the Bible. Have you or a loved one been praying for healing? Make sure you don’t miss the life-line God may be throwing your way, only to be swept away because that is not the way you wanted your prayers answered or because it wasn’t the answer you were looking for! You have to grab that life preserver and and use it- it won’t work unless you do!!

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Time to take responsibility for our own HEALTH!


Time to take responsibility for our own HEALTH!

Portions below taken from an article written by Rev. George Malkmus This is why we do what we do at 6th Day Health Ministries!

No one can truly enjoy life if they are constantly in pain, going to doctors, taking drugs, and experiencing sickness. And of course no one enjoys paying the bills resulting from the treating of all these physical problems. Nor can we properly serve the Lord or fulfill the ministry to which God has called us without a healthy body. Dear friend, if we are going to enjoy life and have a body fit for the Master’s use, we must have a healthy body! Do you have any idea who determines whether our bodies are healthy or not? HINT – The answer is not your doctor, or even God! Who Controls Our Health? In most instances the only one who determines whether we have a healthy body or not is the person to whom God gave that body. We have control over it and we must also take responsibility for maintaining it in good health. It’s all up to you and me! Like a prized possession, God has entrusted each of us with a body and holds us responsible for its care — that is, proper nourishment and maintenance.
Consider carefully what the Bible has to say about who bears responsibility for our body’s nourishment, care, and maintenance:
“I beseech YOU therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present YOUR bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is YOUR reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:1-2) Again in Galations, the Bible says we are responsible regarding whether we have a healthy body or not: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (or women) soweth, that shall he (or she) also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) Now, while the vast majority of people around us are in an unhealthy state, constantly going to doctors, treating physical problems, taking drugs, and paying lots of money to cover the costs of the treatment of these illnesses… There are growing numbers of people who have taken control of their health, rid themselves of all their physical and psychological problems (and associated high costs), and they don’t get sick anymore. How does one go about taking control of their health and eliminating all their physical and psychological problems, along with their accompanying costs? Have you any idea how to answer that question? There is an answer and it is the answer to that question we will be dealing with for the rest of this article.
How To Take Control of Your Health
The only way a person can recover from their constantly reoccurring physical problems and eliminate those recurring health care costs is to take control of their own health. The only way to accomplish that is by changing their diet and lifestyle. And let me add that God is not going to do it for a person what they can do for themselves! In order to take control of our health we need to change the way we think about how we nourish this beautiful physical body temple God has provided each of us. Why do you eat and drink what you do? Have you ever considered that what you are eating and drinking might have something to do with the physical problems you experience?
Consider what God has to say about how we should not take care of these physical bodies we each possess: “AND BE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD: . . . .” (Romans 12:2) And for confirmation that this scripture is talking about our physical bodies, read Romans 12:1 where it says we should: “PRESENT OUR BODIES A LIVING SACRIFICE . . . .”

What Others Are Experiencing
I am thrilled to report that over the past 20 years, tens of thousands have taken charge of their own health by adopting changing their diet and lifestyle. As a result, these people have recovered from over 170 different physical problems, including even terminal, Stage 4, metastasized cancers, and they don’t get sick anymore. Why do people who make these changes experience such spectacular results? The answer is really quite simple: When God designed these physical bodies we each possess; He designed them to be nourished with a certain type of fuel. The fuel God designed our bodies to run on can only be found in the garden.
When we fuel our bodies with the garden foods God designed our physical bodies to be nourished with, our bodies run the way God designed them to run – IN HEALTH!
But when we place into our bodies the wrong fuels, our bodies run poorly, we get sick, and our bodies begin to fail us.
We each, as individuals, are the ones who determine whether our body will be healthy or not by what we choose to place into them in the form of food or drink each and every day of our lives. In other words, we – not God or our doctor – determines whether we live in health or sickness.
As shared earlier, God said: “BE NOT DECEIVED; GOD IS NOT MOCKED: FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN (or women) SOWETH, THAT SHALL HE (or she) ALSO REAP.” (Galatians 6:7) This works both ways – sow health and you will reap health – sow disease and you will reap disease. Our health is simply the outworking of God’s law of sowing and reaping. Thirty-six years ago I learned the simple but profound truth that my health or lack thereof was a result of what I sowed. After learning this truth in 1976, I changed my diet and lifestyle at age 42, recovered from colon cancer, and rid my body of all other physical problems. All without doctors or medical modalities. As I write this, I am only two years from my 80th birthday, having enjoyed excellent health ever since making that diet and lifestyle change in 1976 at the age of 42. Cause Of Physical Breakdown
When we get sick, that physical breakdown is in most instances merely the body responding or reacting to the wrong fuel (what we eat and drink), and/or living the wrong lifestyle. Almost every physical problems (other than accidents) whether obesity or being underweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, colds, the flu, acid stomach, headache, psychological problems, pimples, etc., are merely the body reacting to the wrong fuel. As we stop putting in the wrong fuel and begin putting in the right fuel and begin exercising, the body will almost always begin the process of healing.
You see, God placed self-healing into each of our bodies and proper diet and lifestyle activates that self-healing so that the body can do what God designed it to do – which is heal itself. Twenty years ago, a gentleman wrote me a letter stating that within six months of adopting the diet and lifestyle changes, he lost 60 pounds and saw 28 different physical problems disappear from his body. In fact, this same gentleman came to one of my seminars this year and said he hasn’t been sick since making that diet and lifestyle change 20 years ago. That story is not uncommon. Personal experience and the testimonies of tens-of-thousands have revealed that within six months or less of making a diet and lifestyle change, most people can halt or reverse at least 90% of all their physical and psychological problems — and they don’t get sick anymore.

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I like LIFE!! Don’t you?!!


I like LIFE!! Don't you?!!

“He’d rather be DEAD!” Wow- REALLY!

Following is a column that came into me from the Not Milk Man, Robert Cohen. If you want to know more about the dairy industry and the effects milk and dairy have on our bodies, check out his website and read any of the many articles. Be sure to check out the “pus factor”- sure to may you think twice before you gulp down that next glass of the white stuff! Link at the end of the column.

I Beg to Differ

Yesterday (after a two-day trip), I needed to buy
blueberries, and papaya. Before returning home, I
stopped at my local supermarket. The entrance is located near the store’s pharmacy. It was there and then I overheard one of the workers talking passionately about a prescription that she
was having filled for her husband. I have known this woman casually for many years, but never knew that her young husband had experienced a triple bypass heart surgery. She spoke to the pharmacist about how ill he had gotten after taking a cholesterol-lowering drug. I came closer and politely asked, “Mind if I listen? I might learn something.” She nodded her head and smiled.”
When she had finished explaining that her family’s
brilliant cardiologist had prescribed a different
cholesterol-lowering drug, I asked what kind of diet
the doctor had suggested. She answered that diet did not matter. I then asked, “Would he consider a vegan diet?” Her appropriate response stopped me cold. Did I hear right? She said to me matter of factly, “He would rather be dead.” I then briefly explained the basic theory of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s book, “Prevent and Reverse Heart
Disease.” See:

After making my brief presentation, she stopped me cold by saying, “I beg to differ.” I had just one final comment regarding her own area of expertise:
“Do you have organic papayas and organic blueberries?” I then spent a few minutes in the store’s one true pharmacy.

Robert Cohen

Did you notice the comment “diet did not matter”…absolutely astounding that the powers that be believe this and have sold it to a society willing to believe every absurd thing they are told. I beg to differ on this point- it is absolutely VITAL what you are and are not putting into your body!! Your very health and life depend on it!

Wow. That is just amazing, but I believe it to be true…some would rather die than give up their unhealthy food and lifestyle habits. That fella will probably get his wish. That is so sad. Is food really that important to us that we would trade pleasing our taste buds for a few minutes over feeling great, looking good, avoiding spending our last years in and out of hospitals suffering, taking dozens of medications, loosing time with our loved ones due to an early death? Not me- I choose LIFE!

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! Deuteronomy 30:19

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“Medicine” Cabinet ??


For my first blog post, I would like to ask you a question and post an odd picture. How many of you out there are sick and tired of being sick and tired??!! It doesn’t have to be this way! To prove my point, I would like to invite you into our “medicine” cabinet. (Just be sure to stay out of the closets!) 😉 I took this shot just a few minutes ago. (Yes, that is a cow on top!) I didn’t remove anything or move anything around- just opened the door and snapped the picture. In it you will find the following items:

-home-made tooth paste (subject of an upcoming post soon!)
-2 bottles of cinnamon and peppermint oil I use flavor the above tooth paste
-Tubes of chap-stick from Burt’s Bees
-dental floss
-a digital thermometer that the batteries have long run out on. (I was going to replace them and decided that would be a waste of money since we never use the thing.)
-contact lens cases and solutions
-retainer- think this one is Louis’ but don’t see him using it much 😉
-some ear cleaning stuff for our son Trevor who wears hearing aids (read on our “about us” page on the website if you are interested to know how he lost his hearing.)
-and a little flash light I put in there in case we needed to be up in the middle of the night pilfering through the medicine cabinet in the dark and won’t have to turn in the big bright bathroom lights. Also never used and probably full of dead batteries.

Notice anything missing from our “medicine” cabinet? Maybe I should change the name of it to something else- since there is no “medicine” in it! No aspirin or Tylenol, no Pepto, no Tums, Benadryl or cough medicines, nothing for runny noses or fevers. Why? Because we haven’t needed them for years! And, NO prescription drugs to be found either!! Most people our age already find themselves on at least a couple of prescriptions the doctors tell them they will be taking the rest of their lives. I could not tell you the last time I have been to a doctor. I can tell you the last time any of us was “sick”. It was about 6 years ago when we moved into our newly built home, but this “illness” was not caused by a virus or any other bug…have you ever heard of “new building sickness”? I can tell you it is REAL! (But, we’ll save that discussion for another day! Google it if you can’t wait!) And, had we not been in as good of health as we were, I can tell you we would have been a lot worse off! Anyway, it is possible to live life in a healthy manner and not have to worry about almost all of the common illnesses and diseases facing so many in our modern day society. Although they keep researching and telling us there is no cure for the common cold- I can tell you that there is indeed! I can show you testimonies of 1,000s of people who haven’t had so much as a cold for over 30+ years and even longer! And, even more amazing than that- testimonies of healing from all types and forms of cancer, diabetes (see our testimonials page on the website!), lupus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, leukemia, MS, and the list goes on and on even right down to dandruff, indigestion, acne and heartburn! Want to learn more?? Stay tuned as we bring you useful information, articles, research, great recipes and other fun stuff to help you be healthy and live life to the fullest! God’s desire is for us to be healthy! As it says in 3 John 1:2, “I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in HEALTH, as I know that it is well with your soul.” Come and join us we learn how to put the principles God provided in his word for our health into practice to live a long, healthy and happy life!!


*Added note- I am expecting the “medicine” cabinet to grow even more empty in the future. My husband Louis has worn contacts and glasses for about as long as I have known him. Over the past few years, his prescription has been decreasing- his eyesight actually IMPROVING (not getting worse with age as they will tell you is the norm) much to the utter amazement of his eye doctor who has never seen anything like this happen before! So, hopefully soon, we can rid the cabinet of all the contact lens stuff too! I have read testimonies of others who have been able to throw their glasses and contacts away as well! Maybe someone out there can give us some ideas of what we can fill our empty “medicine” cabinet with!

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